Linear Bearings - L 510X

49.15 USD

Minimum purchase: 10

Maximum purchase: 500

Miniature linear bearing with an interior diameter of 5mm and designed for various applications

- Exceptional smoothness, very low friction

- Ideal for precise positioning to the nearest micron, no stick-slip effect

- Great rigidity, extended lifespan

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.

Price table

Quantity Price per unit
50 45.07 USD
100 43.77 USD
250 42.47 USD
500 41.28 USD


MPS Microsystems is specialized in manufacturing high-precision, miniature linear bearings. We offer a comprehensive range of exceptionally smooth bearings with bore diameters from Ø 2 mm to Ø 6 mm.

The balls of these precision bearings meet ‘Grade 3’, the highest quality defined by the ISO 3290/DIN 5401 standard. Combined with a cage and a high precision casing, they allow rapid positioning while reducing friction and eliminating the stick-slip effect.

The standard version of MPS Microsystems linear bearings consists of a stainless steel bushing and balls, and a brass cage. An all-stainless steel version or one with ceramic balls can be made on request.

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Data sheet

d (mm) : In. diam. of bearing
D (mm) : Out. diam. of bearing
B (mm) : Width of bearing
Static load capactiy (N)
Dynamic load capactiy (N)