MPS processes the data collected from those who visit this web page, connect to the MPS e-shop (hereinafter "Login") and use the MPS application and MPS services offered online (hereinafter "Online Services") in its capacity both as a service provider and as provider of this website. The aforementioned offers are referred to below as the "Digital Presence".
Protecting your personal data is of utmost importance to us. We therefore take great care in processing it in compliance with the applicable laws on data protection and postal law.
This privacy statement explains the methods we use to process data. It explains what data we process when you access our Digital Presence.

    The data controller is MPS Micro Precision Systems AG, Long-Champ 95, 2504 Biel/Bienne.
    In principle, you can use our Digital Presence without having to provide any personal data. As is common practice, certain data such as IP addresses and other usage information is collected automatically by our web analytics software, then processed and evaluated anonymously. By using our Digital Presence, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of the data in accordance with this privacy statement.
    1. Automatic logging
      Our web servers automatically log all access in a temporary log file. User-specific data (such as the IP address of the computer used, identification data of the browser, the operating system on the computer, the amount of data transmitted, the name of the internet service provider, the date and time of access) and technical data (such as the name and URL of the referring web page, the date and time of the access to the web page via a link and the search term if access was gained via a search engine) are logged and analysed anonymously. First and foremost, we need the data to enable use of our content (establishing the connection) and internally for purposes related to the system, such as technical administration and system security.
      We will not use your data for any other purposes, unless you have given your express consent to the processing of your data for other purposes in the context of using certain services.
    2. Additional data processing
      To use of some of our Online Services, you must first register with the e-shop by entering your personal information. The services are used in accordance with the agreement and the corresponding conditions of participation or general terms and conditions. Other than that, we will only process your personal data when you send it to us, for example by filling out an online form or sending us a message via our contact forms.
      In such cases, we will only ask you to send us the personal data needed to provide the services offered. The data provided to us is logged on our IT systems.
    Collecting data helps us to develop and improve our Digital Presence and to optimise our service offers. We use the data we collect for the following purposes :
    • to enable you to use our Digital Presence (establish a connection)
    • to manage the website internally, in particular for technical administration and system security
    • to optimise user friendliness, we collect statistics on user activity with regard to our Digital Presence. The data collected is analysed anonymously (see also 4.4).
    • to make the e-shop and Online Services available in accordance with the agreement
    • to tailor our website to the target groups (by means of targeted information or content which may interest you)
    • to prevent fraud and improve website security
    for other purposes in accordance with the agreement, the corresponding conditions of participation or the general terms and conditions.
    1. What is a cookie ?
      A cookie is a text file containing short data sequences (a series of letters and numbers) which cannot perform any operations by itself. The web server transmits the text file to your browser when you visit a website. The cookie is then stored on your local computer. There are two different types of cookie: temporary cookies and permanent cookies.
      We use both temporary cookies, which are automatically deleted by your mobile device or PC at the end of the browser session, and permanent cookies, which remain on your PC or mobile device for up to ten years after the browser session. After the programmed time, they are automatically disabled.
    2. How safe is it to enable cookies ?
      Enabling cookies does not present a security risk. Nevertheless, we recommend that you delete the cookies and your browser history when you use a computer other than your own. This means that the next user will not be able to see your browsing habits.
    3. How do we use cookies ?
      We use cookies to perform anonymous analyses of general user behaviour with a view to optimising our Digital Presence. Our objective is greater ease of use and more intuitive location of content, which we intend to develop and structure more clearly. We hope to make our Digital Presence more user friendly and tailor it to your needs. This will enable us to optimise our website by offering you targeted information or content which may interest you.
      We use methods called retargeting or remarketing on our websites. These are online marketing tools. When you visit the websites of third-party providers, product recommendations will appear as targeted advertisements. Only anonymised data is transmitted to third-party providers; personal identification is not possible.
    4. Web analytics services
      We use various web analytics services, such as Webtrends, an analytics service of Webtrends Inc. or, for a range of applications, Google Analytics, an analytics service of the Google Inc. network. Web analytics services use cookies (see 4.1) which evaluate the use of our Digital Presence to obtain information for the purposes of improving our services and performing a statistical analysis of the visits to our websites. It is not possible to identify specific individuals. Information generated in this way may be transmitted to a server located abroad and stored there. You can prevent cookies from being stored by adjusting your browser settings (see 4.5). Data collection and storage can be withdrawn at any time with effect for the future. For more information, see the Webtrends and Google Analytics privacy statements.
    5. How can I prevent the use of cookies and web analytics tools ?
      Most browsers accept cookies automatically. You can set your browser, however, not to accept cookies or to ask for your consent before accepting a cookie from a website you are visiting. You can also delete cookies from your computer or mobile device using the corresponding function on your browser.
      To enable or disable cookies in your browser:
      Check which browser you are using, then select the relevant link below. On the page it links you to, you will find specific instructions on how to enable or disable cookies for your browser.
      • Google Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Internet Explorer
      • Safari
      • Microsoft Edge

      If you choose not to accept our cookies or the cookies and tools of our partner companies, you will not be able to see certain information or use some of the features designed to improve your visit to our websites.
      The following website contains more information on the use of cookies:
    If MPS involves third parties in the provision of its services, it is entitled to make the data required for that purpose available to them; the third parties shall be subject to the same obligations as MPS with regard to data protection. Otherwise, personal data is not communicated to third parties or otherwise transmitted without your express consent. We will retain your information for no longer than necessary and treat it confidentially. This excludes personal data transmitted to public authorities and agencies and to private persons with a right thereto in accordance with legal provisions, court orders or injunctions issued by authorities, and data transmitted to authorities for the purposes of taking legal action or prosecution in the event of an infringement of our legally protected rights.
    1. Right of access and information
      If you have any questions about the processing of your data, you can contact us at the following address: MPS Micro Precision Systems AG, Long-Champ 95, 2500 Biel.
      If you would like to contact us by e-mail, please note that e-mails are not encrypted and are therefore exposed to the security risks typically associated with that means of communication.
    2. Correction, erasure and blocking/withdrawal of consent
      If you want your data to be corrected, blocked or erased, you can contact us in writing, enclosing a copy of your passport and ID card, at the following address: MPS Micro Precision Systems AG, Long-Champ 95, 2500 Bienne. If the deletion of such data is not permitted by law or by the agreement, or in accordance with the provisions of fiscal and commercial law, in particular with regard to the statutory retention periods, the data will be blocked rather than deleted.
    The data which we collect and store is treated confidentially and protected against loss, manipulation and unauthorised third-party access by means of appropriate technical and organisational precautions.
    Login information exchanged between your hardware and us is encrypted. We do not assume liability for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information outside of our control.
    Our Digital Presence may contain links to other digital solutions outside of our control which are not covered by this privacy statement. If you gain access to other digital solutions using the links provided, the administrators of these digital solutions may collect information from you which they will use in accordance with their own privacy policy, which may differ from ours.
    Occasional changes to this privacy statement may be required, for example owing to the development of our Digital Presence or changes in legislation. MPS therefore reserves the right to amend the privacy statement at any time with effect at a later date. Accordingly, we recommend that you re-read this privacy statement on a regular basis. This privacy statement was last updated on: 23.10.2018.


    Those who consult the information on this website or use the e-shop or services offered online accept the conditions laid down below. The aforementioned offers are referred to below as the "Digital Presence".
    E-mails and forms sent via the internet are neither confidential nor secure and may be viewed and amended by third parties. MPS shall not be liable for any damage resulting from messages sent to you via non-encrypted e-mail or other messages sent to you electronically (SMS, etc.).
    All the content of the Digital Presence is protected by copyright (all rights reserved). Downloading or printing individual pages and parts of the Digital Presence is permitted for private use only and not for commercial purposes, provided that the copyright notice or other legally protected elements are not removed.
    The reproduction, transmission (electronically or otherwise), modification or linking of the MPS website for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of MPS.
    The name "MPS" and other product or service designations (including logos) are registered trademarks of MPS. No aspects of the Digital Presence are designed in such a way as to grant the use of those trademarks.
    MPS does not assume any liability for disruptions in the function of the Digital Presence or for the presence of errors. MPS does not guarantee that issues will be resolved or that the Digital Presence and the associated server are free of viruses or harmful components.
    MPS does not assume any liability for damage resulting from access to or use of aspects of the Digital Presence (or from the inability to gain access to or use them, or from viruses, etc.).
    Although MPS takes great care to ensure that the information available on the Digital Presence is accurate at the time of publication, neither MPS nor its contractual partners guarantee their accuracy, reliability or completeness. The information and opinions published on the Digital Presence may be amended at any time without prior notice.
    MPS will not test the websites linked to its Digital Presence. It does not assume any liability for their content or for the products, services or offers they contain.
    To the extent admissible by law, all legal relationships between the users of the Digital Presence and MPS shall be subject to Swiss substantive law. The sole place of jurisdiction is Biel/Bienne.